Want to share your voice in opposition to the EARN IT Act? Take it to social media!

  • LGBTQ Youth,
  • Abortion/Health advocates,
  • Free Speech Advocates,
  • Sex Workers,
  • Survivors,
  • Democracy Activists,
  • Lawyers and other service providers who use encrypted platforms to connect with clients,
  • Anyone who uses the internet!

Have you had trouble organizing online? Have you had content flagged as sexual content that was not? Have you had a website you used to advertise disappear? Tell us a little about yourself and how you’ve been impacted by censorship and content moderation. You can record a 30 second video and end it with “This is why I am a voice in opposition to the EARN It Act.”

Sample Script: My name is Alex. I am a disabled sex worker. After FOSTA-SESTA I lost the ability to make money online and had to return to other forms of more dangerous sex work. This is why I am a voice in opposition to the EARN It Act.

Sample Script: My name is Lou and I am a care coordinator for LGBTQ youth. Many queer youth rely on the internet and intergenerational relationships to get reliable resources about gender and sexuality. When access to these resources are removed or policed online, my clients’ exposure to violence increases. This is why I am a voice against the EARN IT Act.

Here’s an example from Danielle Blunt:

And another from Mistress Viola:

Not ready to make a video? Here are some images you can share on social media instead. And don’t forget to include #SurviveEARNIT in your post!