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Community Organizations to Follow


Hacking//Hustling is a collective of sex workers, anti-trafficking advocates, & accomplices working at the intersection of technology & social justice.

Support Ho(s)e

Building radical community for sex workers in Chicago & NYC. #SexWorkersUnite #FreeLeLe

Women of Sex Tech

A community of sex-positive folks changing the sex tech industry.

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People to Follow

Kate D’Adamo

The other Kate who works in sex worker rights. Not just trafficking, all of it. No, not that one. Other OTHER Kate. Organizer? With tattoos? Big hair?

SX Noir

SX Noir (she/her) everything sx, tech,love & lust in the digital age. Host of Thot Leader Podcast, listen now! VP of @womenofsextech

Alison Falk

digital pest control service | cybersexurity | infosec | @womenofsextech | @witpgh

Mistress Blunt

Danielle Blunt (she/her) is a femdom dominatrix and one of the co-founders of Hacking//Hustling.


they/them. analyzing u.s. sex worker movements, resistance, mobilization w/ @hackinghustling. phd research: #LetUsSurvive #SurvivorsAgainstSESTA #FuckEARNIT

Cecelia Gentili

ceyenne doroshow

book author life advocate transgender advocate actress activist parent mentor child of birth mother velta life mom flawless Sabrina aka jack Doroshow

Melissa Gira Grant

Staff writer  @newrepublic covering justice / Author, Playing The Whore: The Work of Sex Work

Joy Buolamwini

Founder Algorithmic Justice League @AJLUnited | TED Featured Talk – Warrior Artist, Computer Scientist

Kendra Albert

Tech lawyer at @cyberlawclinic @Harvard_Law Feminism, crit. legal studies, freedom of expression, good trouble, computer security law. They/them.

Lorelei Lee

writer, porn performer, etc., steerco @redcanarysong, research @hackinghustling, they/she

Riana Pfefferkorn

Riana Pfeferkorn (she/her) Associate Director of Surveillance & Cybersecurity, @StanfordCIS

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Institutions to Follow

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

We’re the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We defend your civil liberties in a digital world.

Center for Democracy & Technology

The Center for Democracy & Technology. Shaping tech policy & architecture, with a focus on the rights of the individual. @CDTEU for our EU-based team.

Fight for the Future

Digital rights are human rights. There’s hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

Georgetown Center on Privacy & Technology

Founding Director: @alvarombedoyaAssociate Director: @lauramoy

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Oppose the Earn It Act - don't punish people because you want to punish platforms.

What is the earn it act?



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How to talk to your representatives about the earn it act

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Harm Reduction Tips in Preparation for EARN IT

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